Tim's Fury Build Diary


Important announcement: I'm thinking about moving these pages away from mostly hand-crafted HTML to using some blogging software, essentially to make my life easier. This site will stay as it is.

However, to see the latest stuff you should go to: http://www.hoverd.org/Tim/ttcp.

These pages contain a record of our build and subsequent adventures with a bike-engined Fisher Fury. If you've come in here directly this is just one part of this site devoted to cars. Go here for the full Monty.

These pages were really originally intended to be a diary of the build process. However, there is now a lot of stuff about racing, crashing, repairing, and so on here. I've tried to record lots of detail, at the risk of banging on too much about some things, with the intention of providing some assistance to new builders. If you want to comment on something, please send us an email.

The diary starts in November 2003, click one of the links below to see what happens next. At the bottom of the page there's a list of the most recent updates.



Trying to pass Neil at Druids


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