June 2004

First outing, fixing it
Moving to race spec
Disaster strikes, first race

July 2004

Fettling, race prep
Racing at Lydden

August 2004

Fine tuning, track prep
Racing at Silverstone

September 2004

Racing at Oulton Park, fixing it
Preparing for Snetterton

October 2004

Pre-race fettling
Racing at Snetterton, more fettling
Disaster at Mallory II

November 2004

The rebuild starts
Getting it back together

December 2004

Winter rebuild still

January 2005

Engine running again
Bonnet scoop

February 2005

Exhaust system, setting up

March 2005

Setting up
Disaster at Mallory III

April 2005

Coming together again
Brands Hatch excursions

May 2005

Fettling and another disaster at Donington
Repairs begin again

June 2005

Just a mini disaster at Cadwell. Brands Hatch

July 2005


August 2005

Lydden, repairs

September 2005

Silverstone, Brands, Rockingham

October 2005

Cadwell, Looking ahead, Snetterton
Winter rebuild

November 2005

Still rebuilding

December 2005

Still rebuilding...

January 2006

Still rebuilding...

February 2006

The end appears...?

March 2006

Final lap before new season

April 2006

Season starts at Brands Hatch and Snetterton

May 2006

Racing at Cadwell

June 2006

Soaked at Thruxton and melted at Brands

July 2006

The weather in Wales

August 2006

Fettling again
...another disaster...

September 2006

Crash repair, again

October 2006

Season done
Birkett relay race

November 2006

Tidying up...
Winter to-do list

January 2007

Catching up

February 2007

The season rushes up...

March 2007

...faster and faster
Mallory survival!

April 2007

Success at Donington
A great time at Lydden

May 2007

So-so race at Castle Combe

June 2007

Blotting my copybook at Mallory
Post Mallory repairs

July 2007

A wet Cadwell

August 2007

Cockups at Snetterton

September 2007

Soaking wet at Silverstone

October 2007

A fire finishes the season

November 2007

The mega-rebuild continues

December 2007

Getting to the end of chassis mods

January 2008

Getting too close to the wire

February 2008

Detailed parts of rebuild

March 2008

More rebuild photos
Out at Snetterton

April 2008

Back to normal fettling

May 2008

Racing at Cadwell

June 2008

Racing at Anglesey

July 2008

The end of an era...