June 11th

According to the build manual the first bit to do, after all the things already done as I've mentioned, is the rear suspension. In no time at all (several hours, due to my lack of practice) I had the right rear corner together. (Although what you can't see here is that nothing is actually tightened up yet.)

The only problem with this is that it is obvious that I need more lighting. So, I make another trip to B&Q and install some more strip lights. The garage is now by far the brightest room in the house!

This photo has the spring and damper in place. Although this isn't strictly part of the recommended Westfield sequence (the springs are in module 2) it seems sensible to put it all together as I have all the bits.

Unfortunately, as it turns out, I have not got all the bits. There's a couple of missing washers and a missing locknut from one of the Rose joints. Hence, I can't finish the left rear yet. A trip to MacKay's does not succeed in locating the desired parts so I phone up Westfield and, supposedly, they're sending them.

Until then, I can get on with the front suspension.

June 12th

I strike some problems almost immediately. The first is that the build manual mysteriously says that the headlamp mounting arm and the support for the cycle wings are integrated. I definitely have two separate pieces. What's more, the shape of what I have bears no relation to the pictures of either of the two that are in the manual.

After much head scratching I realised that the front uprights that I have are not the ones assumed in the manual. The Westfield parts list actually shows there being three sorts of uprights:

  1. one of undescribed provenance (but presumably from a Sierra or Cortina or something),
  2. Westfield fabricated ones,
  3. Westfield cast aluminium ones.

I've got the second variety. They have a Westfield logo marked on them and the cycle wing brackets (or, more precisely, the brackets that are probably the cycle wing brackets) fit on them moderately well.

The only problem is that the fit seems rather slack and the presence of a mysterious bush (at the bottom of the left arm in this photo) which doesn't seem to line up properly with anything.

Perhaps I'll have to phone the technical department at the factory next week. Westfield say that the service is wonderful, now's the time to find out.

Having sorted this out I went back to the headlamp mounting. This doesn't seem to line up properly either, as you can see in the photo.

The only solution I can see here is to attack the mounting bracket with a file which fixes the problem fine.

After that it was a lot easier, bar a fight with getting a ball joint to hold still while I tightened up the taper. (It's ironic, they're hell to undo as they seize up; the problem assembling them is they won't stay even slightly seized for more than two seconds.)

Anyway, both front corners are just about together now, it's time to get the other rear corner together.

June 13th

Finished fitting the left rear, so all four corners are there now. The only problem is that I'm going to run out of bits soon.

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