September 5th

Finally managed to spend a bit of real time on the Westfield, at the expense of mowing the lawn! I tidied up a bunch of bits of wiring inside the engine compartment, including fitting the oil pressure sensor. I drilled a hole in the air filter backplate for the air temperature sensor, although I still haven't got the weirdly sized nut needed for this.

I made up a bracket for the fuel pressure regulator and fixed it to the top of the pedal box, as you can see. The manual says to put this in the centre of the scuttle, but that would require much more fuel hose which seems unnecessary.

We found a new home for the air horn compressor, which was essentially on the opposite side of the chassis from where it was originally fitted. I don't know why Westfield don't provide two brackets for the compressor, one either side, which would save all the faffing about.

Finally, I got back to some GRP hacking (I was starting to have withdrawal symptoms) and fitted the boot box.

This entails a lot of the aforesaid hacking, all to get a box big enough to fill up with the hood. It's seems odd that there's so much of the GRP that has to be removed, for example all around the roll bar, as it could surely have been made closer to the right size.

I attached the box using some rivnuts that I mounted into the body, rather then the nuts and bolts mentioned in the manual. I reckon that by the time the box has been on and off 43 times this will have paid for itself. The problem is, it creaks like mad as a result of the GRP moving against itself. I'll have to try putting something bungy, such as some foam, under the edges of the box.

I think the only bit of bodywork left now is the sawing of the hole for the exhaust system. That could well be this week sometime.

I really need to be getting the SVA test booked. The problem is, as soon as I book it I'll be under a lot of pressure to finish things. Still, it's probably time to phone Westfield and find out what's the best thing to do this week.

September 6th

Phoned the "Vehicle Inspectorate" and asked for an SVA form. For some reason I feel a bit nervous about the impending legal bits. I also sent off the details to get the bits insured.

I keep thinking that I'm getting to the point where I could think about trying to run the engine. I wonder if this is sensible with the beast up on the stands?

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