September 3rd

Someone inspecting the WestfieldIt was time for another cam7 trip out. This time to the seaside. We decided, in what is becoming a tradition, to go to Southwold which is on the east coast, not too far from Cambridge.

A bunch of us met up at the usual place, the "World Famous Comfort Café" which is just outside Cambridge. Unfortunately when we left we had one less car than intended as Malk's Fisher Fury was refusing to play ball. He traced the fault to a duff ECU earth connection later in the day, although not before we were long gone.

We drive the boring (that is, the A14) was to Bury before setting off into a maze of little roads before ending up at our appointed lunch stop at a small pub. We caused a fair stir there as there with all the cars.

In the car parkAfter that it was on towards Southwold where we all parked up in the seafront car park. We made a very impressive sight all lined up there. For the record we had with us (from left to right in the photo):

  • Drew's Elise. (Not sure how that got there!)
  • Our Westfield/Zetec. (With Tom and I standing behind.)
  • Nick's Westfield/Alfa
  • Duncan's Dax
  • Aideen's Caterham
  • Steve's Caterham/Zetec
  • Matthew's Caterham

We did the normal seaside things: walked along the front, made sandcastles (actually, Steve's 3-year old son Ben did that), threw stones in the sea and failed to fill it up, had a cream tea.

After that it was back homeward. Tom did a sterling job of navigating on the way back but by the time we got home it was getting a bit cold. Nonetheless, a wonderful day out.

Homeward bound

The photos above were all taken by Jim Noble, another cam7er, as I forgot the camera. Many thanks to him.

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