February 10th

Car for sale at Terry Nightingale'sSeveral people have asked for an update on the Westfield, and I've finally got around to writing it.

The car was successfully repaired by Terry Nightingale's people, although several interesting things turned up in the process:

  1. The whole front end of the chassis was bent and had to be cut out and replaced.
  2. The front left tyre had been flat-spotted in the incident (I guess Dean had his foot pressed firmly into the bulkhead!) and had to be replaced. Of course Toyo don't make the same tyres any more, but the spare was pressed into use instead.
  3. Terry said when testing the car that he thought the steering was stiff. I always thought this but never had a point of reference. Anyway, Terry replaced the steering column too.

All told, this means the car is probably now better than it as before.

Finally, the car is for sale! If you're interested you can see it on Terry's website. Assuming the link still works, you can find it here.

June 23rd

I had a phone message yesterday from Nicola (Terry Nightingale's wife and general organiser) to say that the car had been sold. I don't yet know what for but it seems a bit sad really. I hope whoever's bought it will enjoy it as much as I did.

in case you've got to this frame directly and can't get out, go here.