November 18th

I've been thinking that the suspension needed a look, as it seems to have a bit of bump steer from the rear. There's also a clunk occasionally, although I think that's drive-line related.

Anyway, I adjusted the ride hide to 165mm front/175 mm rear as I had originally set it a bit higher in case it sunk on the way to the SVA. It had shrunk somewhat. The next thing to do will be to get the suspension aligned properly. One way to do this is to take it to Westfield, but that's rather a way away. An alternative would be Terry Nightingale who's a dealer in nearby Saffron Walden that specialises in Westfields. I sent him an email asking whether they could do such a setup. The reply said that they do do it, and it costs £135 and takes about half a day.

Now I need to decide whether I want to do it.

There's a run being planned for this Sunday out to Oxford to meet up with a lot of other seveners. I can't quite decide whether I want to go, especially as the run back from the pub last night was freeeeeezing.

November 20th

I've been talking for a while about modifying the sidescreens so that they don't squeeze in when the car's at speed. I spent a while today making a bracket up that clips to a couple of Tenax fasteners on the side of the car, one of which is the existing one for the hood, and which holds the sidescreen better. After some use, it works rather well.

Later that day Dean and I went for a blast around. I'm starting to get a feel for the car, although it's becoming increasingly obvious that I need to get the suspension sorted. The rear doesn't feel wonderful, as I said, and there's terminal understeer when the roads are slippy. (As they are at the moment.) A bit of understeer is no really bad thing, but this seems rather a lot.

The problem with driving around is that the roads are filthy and a yellow car rather attracts the dirt. I seem to have washed it several times already.

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