November 21st

Duncan, rather early in the morningSunday dawned bright and clear, although cold, and I decided to go off to the listers meeting in Oxford. I drove to Duncan's and we set off in convoy to a Little Chef just outside Cambridge where we rendezvous-ed with Dave Hooper. No-one else arrived so we set off for Oxford.

The drive was wonderful, although rather cold. I keep thinking that what's needed is a thing like the skirt on a kayak. This would allow the hot air to stay around the feet and the head to stick out!

We got to Oxford at about 10:30 and met up in the motorway services. There were about 30 sevenesque cars there, including a lot of Caterhams, some Westfields, Duncan's Dax, a Tiger and a couple of Robin Hoods. The whole lot made rather a find sight all parked up in the services.

There's a bunch of photos here, they are all thumbnails so that you can see the things in the whole glory by clicking on them.

There's also a load of other photos here.

The first one is a collage of a bunch of other photos, which nearly works.


After that we went for a coffee and then departed on a pre-arranged route around a bunch of local lanes. We must have made quite a sight trundling through a lot of small villages, there was certainly a rather pleasing noise. After lunch at a pub we departed to our various homes which are all over the country.

It was a wonderful day, although rather cold. Let's hope there are more of such things when the weather gets a bit better again.

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