Other things


I added this page just to add various other bits and pieces that really didn't fit anywhere else.

The first of these is a small photo that appeared in the October 20th 1999 issue of Autocar that shows a Westfield with a hardtop. At first I thought this was spectacularly ugly. Now I just think it's very ugly. However, you can see why it might be a good idea.


24th December 1999


I've been musing about another project recently. This isn't any sort of negative thinking about the Westfield, just that I seem to have all this time on my hands. One possibility that I'm thinking about is the SSC stylus, as shown here in normal and V8 forms. It would probably be a bit more practical than the Westfield, due to the curved screen and, perhaps, a bit more space. Some time in the new year, I'll probably go and have a look at one. I must admit that I think it's rather pretty.

(The two photos here are thumbnails, click for a bigger picture.)