The next problem was that I saw a picture of a Lancia Stratos replica somewhere. I can't remember where anymore but it kicked off thoughts about kit cars that were thought to be long buried. I used to do a lot of tinkering with cars but recently I have been adopting the "if it breaks pay someone to fix it" approach that many of us do with advancing years.

The Stratos, by the way, was a rally special that won just about everything at some point in the 70s. It's a--to my mind--particularly attractive design although its very short wheelbase apparently makes it a bit nervous on the road.

However, that all seemed a bit ambitious really and I decided to concentrate upon Lotus 7 style cars as that seemed fun and possibly a bit easier for a first attempt. I also had fond memories of watching sevenesque machines, most of them "bitza" specials, blasting round the local sprint course at which I spent a lot of time in my mid-teens. I guess I was lucky that it was a 15 minute cycle ride from home.

I had a look round on the web and found the Westfield site, amongst others. I had even heard of Westfield which must be good news. In fact, a friend had had another friend's Westfield in his garage for a couple of years while the owner went on a round the world tour. Unfortunately the owner got stuck in New Zealand and never came home, but that's another story.

The real problem was that the Westfield web site had a form for more information which I foolishly completed. Usually, this wouldn't be a problem as such forms are normally ignored.

This time it wasn't and a whole bunch of stuff appeared in the mail a couple of days later.

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