June 1st

Thing are getting more serious, especially due to the amount of money spent on tools. Still, I've now sorted out the tools and put them on a nice rack in the garage. Hopefully, this will mean that I won't keep losing tools. Hmmm, fat chance I think!

I've booked a van to go up to Westfield next week and apart from a few minor tools, am now all ready to go. Can't wait until I get the first bits. The only problem at the moment is that the Westfield build manual says that I need a couple of large taps (18mm and 0.5in, there's consistency for you) for cleaning out the threads in the wishbones. They seem to be about to cost me about £50, which seems a bit steep for 10 minutes work.

June 6th

Finally got in sync with this diary. Up to now it's been re-creating history. From now on I'll try and keep it up to date as I go. (Famous last words...)

Finished tidying up the garage. There's now a large space waiting to accept a Westfield. (I'm lucky in having a double garage that I can fill with a kit for the duration.) I think I'll try and get by without the taps mentioned above. Perhaps I'll try and get it sorted, or at least checked, when I'm up at the factory this week.

Westfield have gone remarkably quiet on the issue of sourcing the engine. I'll have to start chivvying them along a bit.

According to the on-line inspection of account balances, the building society have sent the cheque with which to pay Westfield the first slice of money for the kit. It should arrive in the post any day now.

June 9th

It has! We're all set to go up to Westfield tomorrow. Denis (another Isocrat) is coming with me to pass the time and help with the lifting, perhaps we'll get another drive?

Read about the build itself here

in case you've got to this frame directly and can't get out, go here.