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Important announcement: I'm thinking about moving these pages away from mostly hand-crafted HTML to using some blogging software, essentially to make my life easier. This site will stay as it is.

However, to see the latest stuff you should go to: http://www.hoverd.org/Tim.

These pages are all about our adventures in the world of kit-cars. It all started back in 1999 when I suffered from some odd effects of tidying up the garage and ended up building a Westfield kit car. That car has since been finished, crashed on a race track and subsequently sold.

Our attentions then transferred to a Dax Rush, powered by a 3.5 litre Rover V8. This was built and on the road in May 2002 I finally sold it in 2004 though.

Eventually, though, I decided that I really wanted to go racing, much to Tom's chagrin. Hence, the main aspect of this site is now about my efforts building a Fisher Fury to compete in the 750 Motor Club's RGB championship. Along the way I've built it, raced it, broken it, fixed it, broken it, fixed it, set fire to it, rebuilt it and raced it again. There are a few original bits, honest. Not many though.

If you're using an RSS-compliant news aggregator then there's now an RSS file available on this site. Just add the feed at http://www.hoverd.org/Tim/rss-updates.xml and you'll get told when there are updates.

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The car emerges after the 2005/2006 rebuild.


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