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Kit car build pages


Adrian's Race Genesis

Adrian is a local cam7er. He is also racing in the RGB series, albeit it in class A. This website is all about his Genesi kit cars.

Alex Milton's Rush

Another V8 LWB Rush build. He's even rebuilding he engine like I did.

Ashley Trowe's site

Another Oxford blue Rush. At the time of writing Ash has actually sold this car and is building another one.

Bob Flaherty's site

An Aussie Westfield builder. Isn't the web wonderful?

Bob's Ultima site

An Ultima build site! Drool....

Bob's FuryBusa site

Having built a MegaBusa and then an Ultima he's now doing another BEC, except this time he's going to race it!

Charlie's Tiger build

Another local chap, this time building a Tiger Avon with lots and lots of nice photos.

Chris' site

Chris has a fearsome Cosworth-engined Westfield.

Craig's Phoenix

Craig built a Phoenix, which is a design fairly closely related to the Fury. However, he's now sold it to Steve who appears to be storing it until he can show it on Antiques Roadshow in 2052.

Dan's stuff

Dan is another cam7er who is now building a rather pimpy Fury complete with carbon fibre, kevlar, etc., etc. He's recently started work on another Fury which he's intending to race in RGB. I'm trying to stop him fiddling about with other cars and just get on with the racer...

Derek's Blog

Not strictly a build page, but Derek's also an RGBer.

DH2's page

Dave is another cam7er. He's built a Westfield MegaBird and set up a webcam. Check out the time-lapse videos on his site.

Duncan's Dax

This was the first Dax Rush I saw. Duncan used to live just round the corner but then moved to Sheffied and sold his Rush.

Ed's Westfield builds

Details of Ed Cane's Westfield builds. Ed has become a stalwart of the BEC (bike-engined car) builders and pioneered some of the now standard approaches to things like propshafts and reverse gears.

Erwin Dekker's page

An amazing page detailing a real do-it-yourself seven-alike.

Jim's Westfield build

Yet another build from a cam7er.

John's Pembleton

John's building a Pembleton Brooklands, a new one on me until he mailed me. It looks like he's trying to produce a nice warts and all page here.

Kev's site

A detailed description of buiding a Rush, with loads and loads of photos.

Marc's site

Yet another pseudo-local, this time with s Striker that's been converted to bike (Yamaha R1) power.

Matt's Phoenix build

An example of the relatively rare Phoenix build site. What's more, he reckons this site is "inspirational" so he's clearly one of the good guys.


Build page for a Zetec-engined Mojo-2. (Which I quite like, unlike many others.)

R1 Fury

Detailed build site for and R1 engined Fisher Fury.

Richard's Rush build

Vying with this site for torpidity is Richard's Zetec Rush build. He's actually finished the car now and it's on the road, not that you'd know from the site.

Rich's Striker

A gorgeous R1 engined Striker. Rich has actually sold this car to Kerry. However, his site has now been hosted elsewhere which is good as it's a great read!

Rick's site

Rick is a chap in the Netherlands building a Rush. Luckily, his English is very good!

Rob Collingridge's Fury

A nice site about the ongoing build of an R1 engined Fury. Lots of nice detail and frequently updated.

Stephan's Dax

A bi-lingual Dax build site.

Steve Richards' site

Yet another yellow Westfield, except this one's a SpeedSport

Thomas' site

Another Dutch Rush builder

Trevor's Rush build

I sold Trevor some unwanted brake bits, so see what happens to them here!

William's Dax build

William used to have a Tiger and, like me, went on to building a Dax.

ZX9R Fury

Another bike engined Fury build page, this time with a Ninja engine.


Kit car manufacturers


Aeon Sportscars

Manufacturers of some nice cars, and also suppliers of Fury bits on account of them being the original chassis suppliers.


Suppliers of the Dax Rush and Tojeiro. They used to also sell the Kamala but that's gone to the chaps below.

Fisher Sportscars

Manufacturers of the Fury. Fishers and the Kit Car Workshop have now merged their operations under the former banner.

Shelsley Cars

This is one of the many things that I've been looking at as a possible next build. Mind you, I'll probably never do it!

Specialist Sports Cars

The Stylus manufacturers

Stuart Taylor

Manufacturers of the Phoenix.


Sylva are the originators of the Fury, Phoenix, Striker and Stylus designs.

Westfield Sports Cars

The Westfield factory web site. This used to be the worst website in the world. However, at long last they seem to have sorted it.


Kit car club pages


Dax Rush owners club

Site for Dax Rush owners. I used to be the webmaster here but eventually I ran out of steam.


Club for drivers of the Stylus, as mentioned elsewhere here.

Sylva Sportscar Register

Club for Sylva and ex-Sylva cars such as the Fury, Phoenix and Striker.

Westfield car club

The site for the Westfield club.

Se7ens lists

Perhaps I'm biased, but the mailing lists accessible from here are the most wonderful source of information, entertainment and friendship. You can find everything here from detailed Q&A about cars, pub style discussion and even arrange to go on various tours to far flung parts of the world. Just follow the links to the list pages and join the ones that seem appropriate. You could even join cam7 and join in the fun!

BEC list

Not one of the se7ens list, but another very friendly and helpful mailing list, this time for bike-engined cars. This one is hosted by Yahoo with whom you have to register first.





Site for marshalls, the unsung heroes of the motorsport world.

Motor Sports Association

Governing body of UK motor sport.

750 Motor Club

Organisers of the kit car championships

Raced and Rallied

Site for buying and selling Race and Rally cars and parts

RGB site

Discussion, etc, site for the RGB kit car championship





Recently rebuilt circuit on Anglesey in North Wales.

Brands Hatch

Great circuit where we first saw Ayrton Senna in 198<mumble>.

Cadwell Park

Narrow but really nice circuit out in the wilds of Lincolnshire.


Great circuit in the East Midlands

Lydden Hill

Short, but great, circuit in Kent

Mallory Park

Mallory Park circuit. Perhaps not the best circuit but one of the better circuit web sites.

Oulton Park

Circuit in Cheshire. A truly great circuit which used to hold all sorts of big meetings. It stills holds some which is why the RGB 2005 meeting's been bumped from there. Sniff...


Silverstone circuit, home of the British GP, until they do something (even) more stupid with it. Unfortunately, it's also an utterly stupid website where they assume that you've got some sort of terminal tunnel vision. Why are there so many poor web designers around?


My local circuit, I guess. Actually a great circuit. It's a bit flat and windy out there but the circuit's got everything.


Spa-Francorchamps; fastastic Belgian circuit.


Trackday organisers



My personal favourite trackday organisers, run by a friendly collection of people who nonetheless control things pretty well.

Motorsport Events

These people do pretty well organised days at a local airfield circuit. A few too many stones but it's local. Problem is, there noise limit is getting a bit difficult.


Another decent organiser


Has to be one of the most horrible websites (why do some web designers presume to change the size of my windows on my screen?), but they are there, I guess.


Engine and transmission suppliers


AB Performance

This is Andy Bates emporium. He's a specialist in fireblades, but seems to be able to do most things with kit cars really.

Ashcroft transmissions

Specialist supplier of Rover gearboxes.

Bailey Morris

Specialist propshaft manufacturers

Classic conversions

Suppliers of gearboxes and transmissions in various interesting flavours

Dave Ellis

Specialist Rover V8 engine builder. Also supplies gearboxes and is a good source of general information.


Zetec engine builders

John Eales

JE Developments here, who are highly regarded V8 builders.

Merchant Race

Specialist racing bike engine supplier


Suppliers of Zetec performance parts, amongst other goodies.

Real Steel

Unfortunately they don't have a web site, but this is a truly wonderful supplier of all things for V8s, and some other bits and pieces besides. What's more, they are very knowledgeable and keen to advise. Phone 01895 440505 and ask for their catalogue.


Suppliers of Rover V8 bits


Source of tuning bits for motorcycle engines

V8 developments

Rover V8 parts and so on

V8 tuner

Another Rover V8 tuning site. This one looks quite good




Bike breakers

A parts locater page that, supposedly, sends requests to lots of bike breakers.

Breakers web

Another parts locater, for both bikes and cars.


On-line oriented parts locater


Bike breakers

Donor spares

Car dismantlers

First Choice

A parts locater. Tell them what you want and they find the scrappies that have got it.

Ford spares

Ford dismantlers

M1 salvage

Bike breakers


Bike breakers


Bike breakers


Instrumentation and auto-electrical suppliers



Instrumentation suppliers


ETB are instrument suppliers. I haven't used them myself but they are spoken of quite highly.


Instrumentation supplier


Maplin are a perennial used suppliers of electronic and electrical stuff.

MDS battery

Battery (of all sorts) supplier. As well as being sponsors of the 750 MC RGB series.

Premier wiring

I bought my loom (well, the place that my loom started from) for the Dax from Premier Wiring.

Race Technology

Race Technology sell the DL1 data logger that I use, and a variety of other super-duper kit. Highly recommended.


Instrumentation suppliers

Vehicle wiring products

Lots of electrical things, and a decent on-line catalogue.





Fastener suppliers

Primary Fasteners

Fastener supplier specialising in non-threaded fasteners like rivets. They do sell rivnuts though.


Fuel system suppliers



More American carburettors, which masquerade as some sorts of Webers over here.

Fuel parts

All sorts of bits for fuel systems


American carburettors


Suppliers of Weber carbs and Alpha ECUs.


Wheel and tyre suppliers



Wheel manufacturers. As they supply racing wheels they supply one with offsets that almost match the Rush's requirements.

George Polley

George specialises in Yokohama tyres for the motorsport fraternity.


Online-ish supplier of alloys and tyres.


Exhaust system suppliers


Custom chrome

Exhaust system suppliers

Milner offroad

Supplier of various bits of stainless exhaust components. Enough, really, to completely make your own exhaust system.

Tony Law

Expert fabricators of high performance exhaust systems. No web site but you can phone them on 01132 715422. They're in Leeds.


Exhaust suppliers


Suspension suppliers



Recommended aluminium bodied damper suppliers


Trim and bodywork suppliers



Suppliers of car paint, surprisingly enough

Jill Judd

Well-regarded supplier of soft bits for cars!


Nothing specific for cars really, but these people supply materials suitable for things like hoods and tonneaux.

Suffolk Trimmers

There's no web site but these people are supposed to be good at hoods and tonneaux. They're on +44 (1359) 250513.


Trim suppliers


Other suppliers



Racewear suppliers

Brian James

Trailer manufacturers

Burton Power

Go faster kit suppliers. Curiously, their web site doesn't seem to include the phone number, which is 020 8554 2281.

Car builder solutions

Suppliers of various fascinating gadgets for kit car builders.


Glassfibre suppliers. They also sell stuff like 2-part foam as used for making seats.

Demon Tweeks

A supplier of all sorts of performance car bits and pieces. Their web site is now quite useful, unlike what it used to be like.

Engineering Supplies

Taps, Dies and other mechanical engineering bits and pieces

Fluke Motorsport

Various things, including expensive carbon fibre and Sikaflex.


Europa sell all sorts of goodies for kit car builders.


On-line suppliers of Haynes workshop manuals and other books, such as those about Rover V8 tuning.


Manufacturers of braking components.


Suppliers of all sorts of gear-related things, if you want to make your own reversing gadget.


Honda parts source

Marine Megastore

Another boating place that also sells Sikaflex. Kind of hard to use though, as they've managed the hitherto impossible feat of making it not work properly in both Firefox and IE! (Why don't people test these things, it's not hard?)


Although they're actually about boats, these people are an on-line supplied of Sikaflex, which is one of those magic glues for sticking all sort of bits of car together, such as cycle wings and cycle wing stays.

Machine Mart

Tool (mostly of the big and chunky variety) suppliers. At last an on-line catalogue too.


Merlin Motorsport seem to be very competent and actually have stuff in stock unlike some other suppliers.

Motorsport Superstore

Not sure it's that, but it looks like a decent on-line supplier nonetheless.

Race Cars Direct

Racing related ads. Lots of cars, parts, transporters, etc.


Racing bits and pieces, especially Racetech products.

Rally Design

Suppliers of lots of car bits, not just for rally cars. The website, however, is just about illegible.

Rimmer Bros

Suppliers of parts for classic British cars, such as Rover SD1s. Hence a supplier of Rover V8 bits. They have a rather nice web site and a selection of truly excellent paper catalogues.

RS Components

Originally bits for radios but these days they sell loads of mechanical stuff as well, such as Dzus fasteners and rivets.


On-line suppliers of all sorts of tools and such goodies

Stafford Vehicle Components

They do all sorts of bits, mainly electrical. They also seem to be very knowledgable and more than happy to chat around issues and problems.

The Tap and Die Company

Errr, taps and dies. Strangely enough!

Think Automotive

A supplier of all sorts of little things, such as blanking plugs, oil coolers and brake hoses.


General kit-car suppliers.


Various track associated supplies such as wheel nuts and studs.




Circuit Driver

Magazine targeted at all drivers who use circuits.

Total Kit Car

A site maintained by Steve Hole, a journo who appears in things like KitCar magazine. It's got all sorts of kit car topics and seems fairly well written.


Various odds and sods


Bresco Vehicle Services

Specialist fastener suppliers

British Motor Industry Heritage Trust

Keepers of all sorts of information about history of cars and engines. Usefl for establishing the age of engines. 01926 641188.

Dave Andrews

This is Dave Andrews' home page. He has written loads of useful background material, for example a lot about jetting Weber DCOE carburettors, which is all here.

Do it yourself fuel injection

Lots of stuff about building EFI systems.


This page has lots of stuff about the SEiGHT, the V8 version of the Westfield.


This is actually a mountain bike place but they sell lots of high quality cables (bikers are enormously careful about such things) that I've used to make throttle cables.