January 28th

Fuel pipework finishedFinally, I managed to get some time in the garage, although it was bloody cold!

I had got some tails for the fuel regulator from Europa that allowed me to finish the fuel pipework, which now goes all the way from the tank to the carburettor. I had bought a banjo connector from Real Steel originally that allows the fuel pipe to point downwards from the carb, therefore missing the air filter.

Speedo sensor magnetsAfter that I moved on to the speedo sensor. The sensor I got from Greengauges is a reed switch job (which they reckon is the best choice) that needs some magnets attaching to a rotating device of some form. I chose to put some magnets around the propshaft for which I now have all the bolts to attach it between the diff and the gearbox. So, using some slow setting Araldite, again as recommended, I attached four of the six magnets supplied at roughly equal distances around the propshaft. It's now setting. Mind you, the cold will probably slow it down a lot...

Speedo sensor reed switchThe other thing that's needed is a bracket for the reed switch itself, which is in this photo. I started fabricating a bracket that will hold the switch closish to the magnets. I did a bit of testing and the sensor seems to detect the magnets when it's about 1cm away, so it shouldn't be too critical in its positioning.

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