April 13th

John Cellier's exhaust manifoldA bunch of us went down to the Dax open day. There were lots of cars there, as usual ranging from the wonderful to the frankly horrible. Amongst the former group was John Cellier's car which was almost a work of art. The detail was fantastic and must have taken him absolutely ages. Typical was the completely home made exhaust system, as shown here. I particularly liked the alternator adjustment complete with rose joints and the battery terminals made out of solid lumps of aluminium.

After all that it ought to have fired the enthusiasm somewhat...

April 14th

Handbrake cable gadgetHaving got a bracket for it a long time ago, I decided it was about time I sorted out the handbrake cable. I bolted the special LWB bracket that I got a while ago to the chassis, although that took ages as getting at the bolts was made horribly difficult by the diff, fuel pipe and so on. I could them get the cable in, or at least I could after I'de relieved the GRP floor slightly with the aid of a Dremel.

The photo here shows the bracket (which I Hammerite'd black) bolted just under the diff. You can see the standard handbrake cable mounting on either side of the photo.

Handbrake cable runIt was then easy enough to get the cable in. However, I can't figure out the best route for the cable to the hubs. There are several possibilities and it's not totally clear which is the best from the point of view of not getting munged when the car is running, or for SVA come to that, although they should be the same thing. There seem to be two possibilities. One is to the attach the cable[s] to the de Dion tube, which is of course rigidly attached to the hubs, or to run the cable along the A-frame that stabilises the tube. I'll have another think tomorrow.

Too many rivets...Having done that I thought it was about time to do a bit of bodywork. So, I attached the rear bulkhead as shown here. I had to relieve it a bit but it fitted fairly well.

It was actually quite nice to be hacking GRP again, although I think I rather overdid the number of rivets....

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