July 10th

As part of the continuing glacial process, I did some work on fitting the stuff on the battery shelf. I can just about see where everything is to go, especially as I've bought a heater now and can see where the pipes are going to have to be.

Hence, I started making a bracket to support the brake fluid reservoir in a suitable place.

July 11th

Brake fluid reservoirI managed to find some time to finish fitting the fluid reservoir. I've tried to mount it as high up as possible as I know some people had problems with this at SVA. However, it can't go very far before it hits the bonnet. Still, this means that I can now fit the battery and expansion tank, which also have to go on this rather crowded shelf...

I also connected up the low fluid sensor to the loom that was already in about the right place. It's quite pleasing now that as electrical things go in I have usually managed to put the appropriate wiring in about the right place.

July 14th

Battery fitted and cables wired inHaving fitted the stainless battery tray that I bought from Dax a while ago, I made up some battery cables using materials that I bought from Vehicle Wiring Products. Using these I wired the battery in. It's quite odd in that I've left the earth disconnected. If I'd connected it the car would have made the first step towards becoming "live" which is quite an interesting step forward.

The problem here is that the battery, not surprisingly, takes up a lot of space. I have to fit the pipes through here somehow that go to the heater which is going to be a bit tricky. However, I need to get the scuttle construction started first really.

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