To Do list

The current to-do list. Much of this is stuff that I want to do before the 2005 season:





Arrange mounting and weather proofing for Palm and DL1

Gaffa tape and cling film may well feature


Modify/replace roll cage

This will probably wait for a while, but I would still like it a bit further away from my arm and a bit lower.


Make trackside beacon detector for DL1

I could then have the lap times on the Palm.


Pin gearchange cranks to make sure they don't move

Probably do this after I'm sure they're in the right place


Make a tonneau cover

Current wisdom is that a tonneau over the passenger side improves things slightly. Seems sensible and it would have the additional advantage that it would limit the amount of rubber that finds its way into the car during a race.


Convert suspension to use rose joints

The current chassis is certainly a bit squiffy at times, in such a way that I would have thought would be fixed by the rigidity of using rosejoints for the suspension. This could be way too expensive though.

A halfway house is "top hat" polyurethane bushes, or even the polyurethane washers that Dax specify for their cars.


Flat bottom car

The fastest RGB cars are all flat bottomed. This entails panelling in the bottom of the chassis and, perhaps, raising the engine some more so that the sump doesn't have to stick out at all. I suspect that doing this will require fitting some oil cooling as such an approach will limit the cooling performed by the sump itself.

It's clearly going to have a detrimental effect on the weight of the car though so I may well not bother with this.


Look into other weight saving issues

I need to put some thought into weight saving. Some ideas right now are:

  • I always thought that the frame around the rear of the car looked a million times more sturdy than it needs to be. Perhaps a lot of holes there would be a good idea. Whether losing the strength in that frame is a good idea from a safety point of view is anyone's guess.
  • Using some aluminium bodied dampers, such as those from Protech.
  • Make sure I have the minimum required amount of fuel on board at any one time.
  • Lose some more weight from the fat lump that drives the car.
  • Lose the passenger side side impact protection which just seems to be useless weight.
  • Look into using a rather more compact roll cage. The current one is really over the top.
  • I've always thought the VW Golf radiator, as fitted, was a bit over the top for this engine. I've got a radiator from some sort of bike that's positively bijou in comparison. I might try something like it for an experiment. Obviously, not only is the radiator lighter but there's rather less heavy water in there. (Well, actually it's light water, if you know what I mean. :-)


Redo rolling road session

With the new exhaust, the main jets could probably do with richening up a bit. The bonnet scoop will probably affect things a bit too..