September 1st

Finished the cooling system pipework, of which there is a real maze. I'm a bit concerned that the metal pipes are a bit close, in some places, to the chassis. If nothing else this will probably rattle like crazy and I will have to try and made up something to bracket it or cushion it.

Phoned around to get some quotes on the insurance that I'm going to need soon. I eventually decided to go with Footman James, although as they have not sent the fax they promised I'm beginning to wonder if this was such a good idea.

September 2nd

I spent a while tidying up some of the wiring and installing the battery leads.

I also started to worry, as it is obvious in the photo above that the heater pipes are at a higher position than the header tank. This just has to be wrong (doesn't it? comments welcome by email). One possibility that has only just occurred is that I've got the heater in upside down! However, as far as I can tell the heater matrix itself is higher than the tank and turning the heater upside down would not change the height of that at all.

This has the potential to be a real pain. It's surprising how I often see these sorts of things with shocking clarity after I've done it all wrong.

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