September 27th

Phoned Westfield and ordered some more vinyl from them. I have decided that I want to make up some sort of bags for oddments inside the car. As it is there's not even anywhere to put a pair of sunglasses. Duncan's Dax has some rather nice pockets in the sides of the car, in about the place where they go below the driver's knees. This seems very sensible. Hopefully I've ordered enough vinyl to be able to make some gaiters as well if I can't find something better. Actually, Demon Tweeks have some leather gaiters in their catalogue but, from the pictures in the catalogue, they're a bit bright. Perhaps I should try them anyway?

Later on I fitted the windscreen wipers, which seem to work all right although no-one would call them sophisticated. I suppose being a flat windscreen things are a lot easier for them anyway. All the same, after all the aggro with the wheel boxes and so on it was pleasing. In order to make them sit slightly more parallel to the top of the windscreen fillet I bent them slightly sideways. It would perhaps be better to bend them some more, but I don't want to risk breaking the arms.

I bled the brakes again, this time jacking up either end of the car to try and persuade any air to head for the bleed nipples. It was definitely better afterwards, although there's still a lot of room for improvement.

Having plugged up the leaks in the water system, I undid the bottom hose anyway and let all the water drain out. I then filled it again, using some antifreeze this time. I hope it won't be all over the garage floor in the morning.

I received some forms I asked for from the VRO a while ago. Still no sign of an SVA date though.

September 28th

No water on the garage floor again!

As mentioned above, I phoned Demon Tweeks and ordered some of their gaiters. They seem to be horribly expensive but if they are not good enough it should be possible to return them.

I'm beginning to think that I ought to phone the Vehicle Inspectorate and ask them how many centuries I have to wait for a one-page form to be processed. Perhaps I shouldn't annoy them just yet though.

Jacked the car up and re-torqued all the bolts in the rear suspension, as the next step involves blocking off the access holes that allow you to get at the bolts. Then I fixed the bulkhead carpet to the bulkhead using that wonderful substance velcro. What's annoying is that there were not enough grommets, and I'm just about out of velcro. I wonder why I'm not surprised? As usual, the parts list lists the correct number of grommets, it's just that I don't have them.

(Yes, I know the photo looks like the previous one, but here the carpet is held down.)

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