November 1st

Having had a go at working out the required speedo calibration figures, while on the drive to the pre-MOT(s) I phoned Westfield and got them to fax the calibration "certificate" to me. This is just a letter with the appropriate number on it. I wish, however, that Westfield would a) clean their fax machine and b) work out that they are putting the paper in upside down!

I imported the file into PhotoShop and cleaned it up a bit before printing a slightly cleaner copy. I considered putting the fax summary at the correct end of the paper, but decided that was a bit too much like forgery really.

I had an email conversation today with somebody who has just got his Westfield SVA'd and has managed to get a 'V' plate, even though he has an old engine. The is clearly allowed under the regulations but it's the first time that I've actually heard of it. In his case he didn't even have to go for a VRO inspection, as they said that as he had an SVA it wasn't necessary. It probably won't be like that for me though, the local VRO seem fairly picky.

As I hear that sometimes the SVA inspectors like to see some evidence of the build actually having happened, I started to print out all of these web pages, which have rather grown beyond what I originally thought they would be like. It's a pity that the colour printer is rather naff though.


November 3rd

Finished printing out this site and ended up with a rather impressive stack of paper. "I knew you were building a car, I didn't think you were writing a book as well" was Anthea's response.

It's very strange this, I've got nothing to do to the car. There are things that need to be done, but I want to wait until after the SVA. Of course, it could take me months to get it on the road.

I started making a list of the tools to take to the SVA. I'll need a trailer to fit them in.


November 6th

I managed to manufacture a couple of things to do to the car. Firstly, I routed the breather pipes to a more sensible place. As soon as I can I'll get hold of a catch tank and install that somewhere. Secondly, I covered up a couple of additional bolts in the region of the front suspension. They're probably shrouded by the bodywork really but it seems reasonable to cover them up anyway.

I read through the SVA manual again, and decided that there wasn't anything that I knew was going to fail. It was interesting to see that in accordance with the manual the front bit of the Westfield chassis looks as though it's more crushable, due to the lack of excessive triangulation. Westfield have certainly crash-tested their cars to get their low-volume type approval; there's a very sad photo in their offices

This is it really. Tomorrow, I'll get together all the stuff I need for the trip to Norwich.


November 7th

I did think of one thing I meant to do, which was to put something on the cycle wing supports to cushion the point at which they bash in to the brake pipes. (See earlier for ranting about this.)

After that I sorted out all the stuff for the trip to Norwich. There was rather a large pile of it, but it fitted in the passenger footwell all right. I have to admit that I have a bad habit of overpacking for things like this, I even included an umbrella in case I end up sitting in a traffic jam in the rain.

I checked the weather on and was rather surprised to see that Cambridge is supposed to be cloudy (that is, no rain) and Norwich is supposed to be sunny.

I'll believe it when I see it.


find out what happened in the SVA

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