It was time to get a bit serious. The first problem was the garage. Yes, it had a nice clean floor but the single 60 watt bulb in the middle of the ceiling was obviously going to be a liability.

So, it was off to B&Q to buy some nasty (but lots of light) fluorescent strip lights. Of course, B&Q is next to Halfords (well, it is in sunny Cambridge anyway) and I acquired some axles stands (dohhh!) and a trolley jack which I'm sure will be useful.

Here they are, along with the nice red floor.

 That weekend, I set about replacing the light bulb with the strip lights and ended up with a nice bright (and still red) garage. I wonder if I should do it properly and put some trunking in for the cables?

I now need to do something about the tools. I've got a large selection of stuff that's carried over from previous years but it seems a good idea to try and sort it out and clean everything up. I wonder if torque wrenches go bad after 15 years of no use?

I'm going to have to use my Workmate as a bench, having thrown away the old one in a previous tidying-up fit! I probably need to get hold of a vice though--it's mentioned in the build manual as being needed. I can't use the woodworking vice that I rescued from the aforesaid bench so I'll need to go to MacKay's, our local tools emporium, to buy something.

Before managing to do this, Westfield have sent a letter telling us the kit can be picked up in a couple of weeks. Panic, panic. There still seems to be a lot to do before we're ready..

I have spent a lot of time wondering about whether to just buy all the modules from Westfield or whether to acquire some major components, engine and gearbox seem to be the obvious ones, by alternative, possibly cheaper, routes. Eventually, I decide that that's just masochism really and I ordered the next two modules, which are essentially engine, gearbox and cooling systems, from Westfield as I confirm that I will be along on June 10th to pick up the kit. Presumably, I'm going to be back a couple of weeks after that to get hold of the next bits of the kit.

I sent off my money to join the Westfield car club, reasoning that they would know more about this than me and they might come in useful.

I also keep wondering what to do when we've finished building the Westfield. The NGs look nice, although a live rear axle is truly horrible. Or perhaps I'll just get into sprinting or racing?

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