November 4th

Wiring waiting for the rear body sectionAfter a whole week with too little time to go in the garage I managed to find a little bit of time.

The first job was to finish the rear wiring loom which I did. The various tails for the lights are tied up neatly waiting for the rear body section. Which reminds me, I haven't got the rear reversing light yet, Premier Wiring didn't deliver it and it has been supposed to be "following" for a while. I'll phone them and see where it is.

Both front brake pipes now installed.I have now got some more brake pipe clips, so I finished the front brake pipe installation. Again, I left the front tail in a position waiting for the sides of the body to be fitted, when I should know where the pipe is going to go rather more exactly.

The next thing is possibly to fit the engine and gearbox. I suspect I'm going to have to have a couple of attempts at that. What's more, it's clear I will have to drop the car off the stands to do it, probably onto some axle stands. Once the engine is in, it might well be a bit tricky getting the chassis back up again... I'll probably have to fall back on the building blocks I bought for dropping the Westfield down a long time ago.

However, before that, I'm going to have to fit the engine and gearbox together. This means I'll have to solve the problem of the absence of the hole in the grot plate on the back of the engine.

I can't quite decide whether I should fit the front wiring loom before or after the engine. If I do it afterwards then it'll be easier to see if there's any clearance. However, doing it beforehand might mean that it's easier to mount things like P-clips in the best place. Don't know really.

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