October 7th

I went down to Dax yesterday and picked up the (supposedly fixed) exhaust systems and the (narrowed) rear arches. They didn't charge me for the latter because of the fracas with the former, which I suppose is some compensation.

While I was there I was looking again at the new removable side panels and wondering if they would fit with the V8 exhaust systems. Even if they would they'd need a fair amount of fettling bit I'm tempted to try it. However, for now I'll just press on regardless..Top rail attachment

It's been ages since I managed to do anything, for all sorts of reasons. What's more, as the weather gets worse and the nights close in it's increasing difficult to venture into the garage.

However, I did manage to do a short time today. I finally managed to attach one of the side panels to car, or at least start attaching it. On the Rush there's a complicated arrangement of trim and bits of bent aluminium that locate the sides of the bonnet and also get bolted through the sides into the top chassis rail. I did one of these, hopefully with the side in a position that will fit with the nose cone and scuttle when they get attached.

Perhaps I'll manage to do something tomorrow too...

October 22nd

bolted down side panelWell, it wasn't tomorrow...

Anyway, I became disatisfied with the fit of the body side achieved above, and I was concerned that it was going to be possible to get it off when I wanted to. So, I took it off again! This was made rather difficult due to to the fact that the gaps were sealed up with non-setting mastic obtained from Dax. The big problem with this is that it wasn't, non-setting that is. It was very difficult to remove, rather vindicating the decision to do it before it had set even harder.

Anyway, I set a bunch of rivnuts in the chassis and bolted it all back down again. This time is was sealed with silicone sealer. This should still do some sealing but is possible to remove later on... It was also bolted down at the bottom at which point it was done.

brake line and wiring...I realised that I then would have to start on the other one. As it has taken months to do the one side this is rather a daunting prospect. So, as a way of really finishing off the one side, and making sure I could do everything, I made the required holes to get the front brakes pipe through the side pane, and passed the wiring for the lights through a grommeted hole in the side panel. It is very difficult getting round the back of the panel. It is quite clear that engine access is going to be awful with the side panels on.

Perhaps I'll re-investigate those Dax removable side panels...

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