February 16th

Well, as you might have noticed I didn't manage to do much over the majority of the winter. In fact, I did just about nothing. Still, with the weather showing signs of interest again I'm starting to get into the garage again. One of the reasons, but only a slight one, is that I've taken over the web-management of the Dax Rush Owners Club website.

One thing that I have been trying to do is to get the baffled sump as mentioned here several times. I've now got to the point of actually ordering one from John Eales. However, although I've no doubt the product is great, the organisation is, to say the least, chaotic and I've so far failed to actually get the damn thing.

The only constructive thing I have done is to re-position the rear arches, yet again. I hope that this time I may finally stop the tyres scraping, occasionally, on the arches but only time will tell. I haven't actually put the rear wheels back on because I want to paint bungy stuff inside the rear arches this time.

I've also updated the to-do list, although mainly by adding thigns...

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