The first problem was that that we painted the garage floor. Everytime we clear out the garage we think that we really ought to do something about the bare concrete floor. This time was different in that we did. Apart from the fact that it was like painting with nearly gone-off bright red glue we ended up with a nice clean floor, which was still clean a month later.

As usual, when we cleared out the garage we discarded a lot of the junk that seems to accumulate about us, as well as finally forcing me to throw away stuff that I was clearly never going to use again even though there was nothing wrong with it. The main items to go this time were some old axle stands (see later) and a turntable (for playing those flat, black, record things) that was about 25 years old.

The problem was, the garage was so pleasant that the thought of using it properly cropped up rather forcefully, especially as I had just managed to reduce the number of cars I was running to one, having had two for a while having been unable to force myself to sell one of them.

If anyone's interested, the car I am left with is a Fiat Coupé 20V Turbo. This is a wonderful car and always brings a smile to my face. It's probably about as quick as the Westfield's going to be in a straight line, but the 220 bhp rather gets the better of the wheels in extreme circumstances.

I also suspect the heater and weather protection is a smidgeon better than the Westfield though!

I also think the styling is one of Mr Pininfarina's better efforts, but then I'm biased.

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